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Why trains are the best mode of transport in Vietnam?

For money wise travelers, it is convenient to use the air-conditioned trains which are secure, comfortable, and cheap. The use of trains can make you see the beautiful places in the area at ground level. When you visit Vietnam, it is suggested that you should journey around in trains because it provides you a better viewing experience. On the train journey, you might encounter some friendly Vietnamese and see picturesque views for eye pleasure.

Vietnam train Why trains are the best mode of transport in Vietnam?

One common misconception of new travelers is that using internal flights saves more time than the travel by train more specifically from Hanoi to Hue. However, this is not true because an overnight train can apparently save you time because the train leaves from Hanoi at night and arrives in Hue the following morning. More so, taking trains offer a real Vietnamese experience while flying on airplanes gives you a squandered opportunity. Taking flights consume an average of 5 hours from your allotted sightseeing schedule. Plus, there are more hassles along the way, like getting to a distant airport, checking in, getting your bags, and returning to the city center.


One advantage of getting into trains is you can save for a hotel bill. In a sleeper train, it allows you to sleep and rest while you get on to your next city destination. A sleeper train can make you stretch your legs and give you a sound sleep in a swap of a more expensive hostel or cheap hotel. As compared to other road vehicles, like cars and buses, trains are more comfortable and budget friendly. One important thing to consider when taking a sleeper train is you should be not easily get annoyed by minor unforeseen events. You should welcome any surprises as well.


Another benefit of traveling by train is the captivating views that you can see while on transit. Vietnam has more than 3,260 kilometers of amazing coastline which can be clearly viewed in the train carriage windows. If you want to meet the beauty of the country, take a train travel up the coast. More specifically, take notice in the tour from Hue to Danang where it presents one of the most attractive sceneries in the region. The train advances along the South China Sea, moving from cliff to forest-covered cliff. It also passes on beaches and islands, then, goes through the abundant mountains to arrive Danang.


The cost of tickets differs depending on the train. Tickets cost more if trains are very fast. Children who are aged below two years old are free of charge. On the other hand, children between the age of 4 to 9 years old can get a discount on the ticket price. This makes it convenient for those who want to travel to Vietnam with their children. Not only they will save money for transport in Vietnam, they can also introduce their children to a different culture and appreciate the wonders of nature as shown by Vietnam’s coastline and forests.