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Hara Express Train is a reputable railway company that provides professional train service from Hanoi to Lao Cai (Sapa) and vice versa. Hara Express Train accommodate 48 berths with deluxe cabins, accompanied by the hospitality of the train staff. The enchanting luxury, the comfort facilities of the wood-panelling cabins will make your stay in these carriages memorable. Passengers are to hold the best opportunity to relax or simply let the beauty gliding over your spacious windows. Luxury, inspiration and refreshment are main character of these carriages.

Hara Express Train is wooden carriage, soft sleeper A/C cabin with soft 4-berth deluxe cabins and two toilet at either ends. Each berth is equipped with individual reading lights, baggage storage and spacious trunk for suite case and hand luggage. If you want to travel in comfort without paying an exceptionally high price, Hara Express Train will be a good choice for you.

Hara Express Train Hara Express Train  Hara Train Cabin Hara Express Train

Special Notes:

- One way tickets are available
- Children less than 5 years old are not subjected to pay for the tickets
- Ticket prices are inclusive of snack and drinks but does not include meals
- WCs are not in cabins, but there are two of which in each carriage

Price (one way per person): US$35 in Deluxe 4-berth cabin