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Tips in Avoiding Being Robbed While in the Train

The most important issue to be concerned when riding a train in Vietnam is theft. This does not mean that theft is rampant in the area, but it is wise to take care of your belongings while you are traveling to Vietnam as a tourist. The first tip is to never leave your cabin when one passenger requests you to go out for privacy while your luggage are still inside the cabin. It might sound paranoid, but the other passenger might already have been planning to get something valuable in your luggage. If your bunk mate insists that you leave because she/he will change her clothes, you can suggest her/him to use the bathroom instead or bring your possessions with you.


When you sleep at night, you must secure the door of your cabin with a lock. You can improvise and use a hanger in keeping the door locked. This measure prevents thieves from going inside your cabin while you are asleep. This will also ease your mind that no other stranger will go barging in while you are in deep slumber. Another tip is to never leave your valuable assets near the window because someone might reach on it especially if the train makes a stop or in stationary. Your valuable items like cellphones, laptops, and cameras must be stored in a secure place when you are not using them. In this way, you will avoid the possibility of losing them along the way.

Train from Hanoi to Da Nang Tips in Avoiding Being Robbed While in the Train

Your bags must be tied together so that they will not be displaced from you. It will also be easy to carry them right before you reach the train destination. Moreover, you can keep track of them more easily because they are clustered together. Another useful tip while in the train is to sleep in the bunk with your valuable possessions. This way you can easily determine whether someone is reaching for them. Avoid loading expensive items in an easy-to-open container because they can easily be taken by thieves if they want without you noticing it. Also, never put your valuables away from you. They should be placed near your reach.


More importantly, it is recommended that you do not drink too much to the extent that you lose control and awareness of your surroundings. Always drink in moderation and keep in mind that you are in a foreign place, so it is important to be extra cautious for your protection. Getting drunk also loses you the opportunity to see the beautiful views while on the train because you will be spending your time sleeping and wake up with a nasty headache. One can of beer is the recommended consumption because it does not dreadfully make you drunk.


It is important to keep wary on these things, but this should not stop you in making friends while on travel in train. Riding a train is a great opportunity to make friends and enjoy the beautiful views that Vietnam can offer.