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Hue – the former imperial capital

Hue is located on the banks of the Perfume River (“Hương Giang” in Vietnamese), about the middle way between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, 12 kilometers from the coast. Currently, the city is an important cultural, political, economic and educational center of the country, and, of course, an attractive tourist destination and one of the most interesting historical sites in Vietnam. The city is relatively small, its population, excluding the suburbs is about 350,000 people.


For the first time the city of Hue in written sources was found mentioned in the 18th century. The original name of the city more pronounced as something between Hue and Hai with the accent on the letter “a.”


City primarily attracts tourists with its rich history, well-preserved and very significant attractions. Hue has played a very important role in the country’s history. From 1802 to 1945 the city was the capital of Vietnam Nguyen Dynasty, the last imperial dynasty of the state. During these 143 years in Hue imperial throne occupied by one of thirteen emperors. The last and the thirteenth was the Emperor Bao Dai – the last emperor of Vietnam. In 1945, the power in the country came to Ho Chi Minh City, which is under pressure from Bao Dai abdicated. A new government moved the capital in the city Hanoi . Since then it ceased to be the capital of Hue, but perfectly preserved in a whole spirit and monuments of the past.

Hue Hue

Beach vacation in Hue is not (although if you want you can drive up to 12 kilometers of the coast, where, incidentally, is a very nice beach). The rest here is, above all, cultural and excursion character. Some tourists are limited to visit the city as part of the tour, such as Danang or Hoi An , but this visit you will not be able to feel the spirit and atmosphere of the city, and can only see the architecture and monuments. If you want to stay in town a little longer, then this all conditions: in a variety of hotels, excellent original cuisine, are a lot of traditional entertainment, there is a tourist area. Also get in Hue yourself easily from any of the tourist city of the country.


Two monuments of the city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: a complex of historic monuments, as well as court music. Among others, you will see imperial palace Thai Hoa, “Nine Saints guns,” Thien Mu Pagoda, Trang Tien Bridge, Cathedral Savior, and much more. From imperial dynasty remained “Tomb of the Emperors’ tombs, which are also the sights and popular tourist attraction. Neighborhood of the city is also rich in natural attractions, the main of which is the Bach Ma National Park. In general, to see all the sights in Hue and the district, will take at least five days.

Evening in Hue:  the place is also very interesting and fun. Oddly enough, but the evenings are even more fun than the other more famous tourist spots of Vietnam. Perhaps this is because the city has a kind of a tourist area in which settles the bulk of tourists and there are concentrated the main evening entertainment of the city. Here you can walk along the promenade, walk through the night market, take a tour, a walk along the river by boat (from 120,000 VND), sit in a cafe or bar and much more.


To visit Hue, you can take a night train from Hanoi easily. Currently, there are 6 daily trains from Hanoi to Hue. The details of the train schedule can be seen at